Lifetime Jewerly Story

Lifetime Products Group is owned and operated by Karen, a dynamic entrepreneur.

LIFETIME JEWELRY is more than just jewelry. It’s our commitment to you for a lifetime. Be it 30 days, a year or a decade - you’ll get a new item from us if ever any of our jewelry breaks, fades, or simply doesn’t live up to your highest expectations.  We will replace it free of charge. 

We're Lifetime Jewelry.

Karen Keuter

Business Leader

Our goal is to provide jewelry that looks and feels just like solid gold at a fraction of the cost. 

To achieve this, we have sought out the best artisans in the country who have had years of experience working with metals. Feel like the real thing.

Our jewelry is classified as fine fashion jewelry. It’s high class and not the cheap stuff you buy at a dollar store. 

Real 24 karat gold laid over semi-precious metals.’ Take note that our company only replaces less than one percent of all merchandise sold, which is a terrific statistic. 


We want people to get something that has the value of looking beautiful without it costing their whole life savings,” said Karen. “I’m all for solid gold, but you can own ten of our necklaces to one solid gold chain. You don’t have to keep ours in a lock box - you can wear it anytime. That's liberating.

The CEO of Lifetime Jewelry said in an interview:  " My story is sort of a rags to riches story.  When I first conceived of this company, I  decided to really listen to what people want .  I paid attention to my customers and decided to   create an even better version of what they were asking for.  When we did, the results were amazing.   We have become a raving success and we are proud of it.

In addition to our superior product quality, we deliver outstanding customer service.  When our product is delivered to our customers the relationship is not over.  It has just begun.  We stand by our lifetime commitment to our customers.  Once a sale is made, we don't forget about anyone.  We are here to make sure customers are satisfied and we don't stop until we do.  Our guarantee is for a lifetime.  That's why we called ourselves 'Lifetime Jewelry' - we sell amazingly beautiful jewelry and guarantee it for the rest of your life."