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BE THE MOST STUNNING PERSON IN THE CROWD!<p> <p>Imagine walking into a room and heads start to turn. Nobody knows it's not solid - we won't tell if you won't!<p> <p>OUR JEWELRY IS AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL<p><p>Why? We use REAL 24K GOLD (about 20 times more than standard plate). Designed with the look and feel of solid gold, we offer it at a fraction of the cost. The ends are soldered and we use the superior lobster clasps for strength. No more fiddling with clasps that break! <p>Our Lovely Heart Locket is precious. This locket serves as an excellent gift to give your girlfriend, mom, friend or just about anyone you care about. It comes on a thin 18" chain. This gorgeous locket necklace that holds pictures is great jewelry for little girls too!<p> <p>100% FREE LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE<p> <p>We design our jewelry to last a lifetime and back it up with our guarantee which means that if at any time your jewelry breaks, tarnishes, etc., we will replace it for FREE. Yes, that's FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!<p> <p>UNPARALLELED CUSTOMER SERVICE<p> <p>We take personal care of you feeling that you should be treated the way we, ourselves, would like to be treated (and we like to be treated like Kings). Don't take our word though. Just read some of our reviews. We don't stop until you're satisfied.<p> <p>TRAVELING?<p> <p>Travel can be dangerous with valuables. Our jewelry is a perfect solution. Replacing it is easier than replacing your really expensive and priceless valuables.<p> <p>SIGN UP FOR OUR VIP CLUB<p> <p>Register your jewelry and you automatically qualify for our VIP Club. Members get lots of perks such as special discounts on jewelry, tips on maintaining your jewelry, first look at just out items, and lots more.<p> <p>PROUDLY ASSEMBLED IN THE USA<p> <p>We get our raw ingredients from overseas (gold, jeweler

  • ❤️ WHILE LOCKETS FOR GIRLS AND BOYS LOOK VERY SIMILAR IN PHOTOS there is a world of difference: many break, tarnish & turn black, turn your skin green or just look very cheap. Our lifetime jewelry premium gold heart necklace have up to 20 times more 24k gold plating than other heart locket necklace, is stronger and will last you always. You will buy it once and wear it for a lifetime or we’ll replace it free of charge.
  • 💛 LOOKS AND FEELS LIKE AN EXPENSIVE SOLID GOLD HEART PENDANT NECKLACE BUT IS MUCH STRONGER due to our semi-precious metal core. Wear this picture locket with confidence, as only your jeweler will know this is not solid gold. This picture necklace is perfect for kids of any age.
  • 💜 NO NEED TO SPEND A FORTUNE FOR A COOL LOOK FOR YOUR KIDS. Whether looking for locket necklace for girls or boys, look no further than our Lifetime Jewelry. Our heart pendant necklace size is 18 inches, which is not too short or too long.
  • 💚 WE PROMISE LIFETIME REPLACEMENT OF ALL OF OUR Lifetime Jewelry charms - free of charge. if it ever breaks, tarnishes or simply doesn’t live up to your highest expectations, we will replace your gold heart locket with a new one for as long as you own it. We mean it when we say buy it once and wear it for a lifetime. Looking for kids locket necklace? Your search is over. This gold locket necklace is meant for your kids!
  • 💙 AT LIFETIME JEWELRY OUR GOAL IS TO PROVIDE JEWELRY THAT LOOKS AND FEELS LIKE SOLID GOLD AT A FRACTION OF THE COST. For over 30 years our family-run small business has stood for INTEGRITY, proudly creating jewelry “Made in the USA” with the highest quality craftsmanship, materials and customer support. We expect the best for our family so we give the best to yours. Get your photo locket TODAY.

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It’s our commitment to you for a lifetime. Be it 30 days, a year or a decade - you’ll get a new item from us if ever any of our jewelry breaks, fades, or simply doesn't live up to your highest expectations free of charge. We’re Lifetime Jewelry. Buy it once - own it for a lifetime. This doesn’t mean that our jewelry will never tarnish, however. Any non-solid jewelry will eventually wear out. So if anything breaks, tarnishes, a stone falls out, or it gets scratches, we’ll replace it free. How to replace a damaged item:

1. Go to Lifetime Guarantee.
2. Push Return&Exchanges button.
3. Press Download Form button.
4. Download, print, fill out, and send this form with your defective jewelry for an exchange.